Check out the awesome projects which earned these 3 Girl Scouts their Girl Scouts Gold Awards! 

One Day Adaptive Sports Golf Clinic led by Mihiri Chandrasena

Mihiri is a student at Xavier College Prep High School who partnered with Incight, a non-profit that supports and empowers people with disabilities, to create a One Day Golf Clinic for disabled adults and children. She saw an opportunity to bring the general population and disabled community together through her passion for golf. By tapping into the strengths of her volunteers, Mihiri gained leadership skills that will help her pursue her dream of becoming a pediatrician. The Gold Award has opened her eyes to underserved populations and taught her to embrace all people of all ages and abilities.

 Computer Science Education Lab led by Kayla Carrera

Kayla knows that without 21st-Century job skills many young students will be left behind in the job market. In order to give the students at her own high school a better start in life she decided to focus on computer science education for her Take Action project. Kayla taught students how to code, and to understand how computer language can help them get ahead in a potential future career.

My Life, My Skills Workshops led by Jazmin Monrroy

Jazmin is a high school student who made it her mission to help teen girls make wise decisions and become better leaders. She used her Girl Scouts leadership experience to conduct life skills classes at the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Springs. She hopes her classes  will have a direct effect on the girls’ future decisions and will result in positive life outcomes for them. Jazmin plans to go to San Diego State University to become a substance abuse counselor.