Jilska Chandrasena is a Counselor at the Braille Institute in Rancho Mirage. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Chapman University and a Masters degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University Orange. She is currently in a PhD program in Organizational Leadership specializing in vision care and vision health.

During her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she interned at Mental Health Systems, Child Protective Services and the Regional Center. She has worked with clients afflicted with chronic and persistent mental illness, addictions, dual diagnosis, codependency, crisis management, trauma due to vision loss, and children placed in foster care.

Her special interest and education is in helping the visually impaired to understand and adjust to the psychological stresses that relate to low-vision or no-vision. She emphasizes the need for immediate intervention and counseling when losing your vision.

Jilska Chandrsena has been a resident of Palm Springs for the last 23 years. She is on the Human Rights Commission for the City of Palm Springs. Board Member for California Marriage and Family Therapist, Desert Music Academy, and Girl Scouts USA.

Jilska leads these support classes at the Braille Institute:

Technology and Applications that Support Independence

Using technology and applications for blogging and connecting with the outside world.

Fresh Start: Living with Vision Loss

Living With Vision Loss is a support group with the goal of allowing individuals to feel comfortable in expressing their feelings, fear, etc., and how to live and cope with vision loss.


Finding Meaning in Your Life: This is a lecture that is facilitated by Mr. John Epps an independent consultant.

Effective Writing: Students learn the principles, methods, forms and attitudes of a successful, professional writer.

Veteran Support Group

This group will focus on visually impaired men’s challenges with relationships. Specifically, we will look at healthy vs. non-healthy relationships, how to maintain healthy relationships, and safety and self-defense.